I spent some time today in my sewing corner, and while I started the day doing ordinary mending and alterations on some hand-me-downs we were blessed to receive, I progressed on to making a muslin bodice for one of the wedding dresses I'm making and then playing with chiffon to figure out how my new machine responds to that very slippery and fussiest of fabrics.

By the end of the day I realized that I'd accomplished quite a lot, and had a large pile of "Pretties" to show for my efforts.

Purple child's cardigan in wool with fun green heart buttons. I'm short two buttons and can only HOPE the fabric store has some more.

For Christmas, I wanted something colorful to wear, and so I took an old lackluster and out of style brooch that had belonged to my mother-in-law and I superglued some pretty beads onto it. A new look! Ok, so technically I made this on Friday, not today. But it is something I made and it's pretty, so it fit in with this post.

A wool hat got knitted today. I commissioned Bethany to make this, as I'd made it yesterday and then had to unravel it when it turned out to be too big for Wes' head. It's for his birthday which is this week. So Bethany got to earn five dollars and I had my time freed up to do other things (sewing work) today.

While I was working in my sewing corner I decided I wanted a pin cushion. I've been storing my pins on a magnet and have gotten fairly sick of poking myself when go to grab a pin.

And while I was playing with the yard of chiffon I decided to see what my machine could do with things like scallped edge stitching and embroidery stitches so I made a triangular shaped scarf with machine embroidery lace-look edging. It's pretty!

I sure do like working with my hands!


Matushka Anna said…
You've had a lot of fun! I'm itching to start a scrap quilt soon but I'm making myself wait until other more urgent projects are done.
elizabeth said…
that's so nice Alana! such a good feeling to make things!
thegeekywife said…
ooooo ahhhhhhh

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