Happy Birthday, Wes!

Check out the crazy OLD SCHOOL style cake Ariana and I decorated.

And we MISCOUNTED the candles (discovered while removing them from the cake after he blew them out). There should have been forty-one, instead of the forty on the cake. We added another and made him blow it out. All by its lonesome.

Anyways, Happy Birthday, dearest Wes. God grant you many years.

And no, I did not eat, nor will be eating, any of that cake. Had leftover low carb pound cake in the fridge/freezer. Ate some of that. With coffee. I'm not suffering.

I'm doing some research on low carb cake icing, hoping to actually decorate something for my own birthday, coming up in just a few weeks.


elizabeth said…
Many years to Wes!! :)

love the cake!

good for you for not eatting any! You're doing well! :)

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