I was in Lexington today, wedding dress fabric shopping with a bride-to-be for dress stuff I'm going to sew up. It was such a fun day. We had lunch at the Oasis (middle eastern restaurant extraordinaire!) with the most adorable new-guy bumbling waiter.

After our outing, I swung by Cuppa and hugged my friend Lisa's neck. She's the owner of that tea shop. If you live in Lex, go drink some tea there, it's awesome. Cuppa is on the corner of Jefferson Street and 2nd. Ave, I think. Very nice tea and it was SO GOOD to see my friend.

And then I decided to do a very brave thing. I decided to drive by our old house. Well, it's not our house anymore. We gave it up. It sat empty for a year and then it was auctioned. What became of it, I wondered.

I drove down Louden. I turned. A minivan was in the driveway. Some toys in the back yard. The overgrown honeysuckle bushes were still overgrown. The overgrown holly tree in the front yard, still big and bushy. The bushes by the side of the house were gone. But what made me really happy was to see that the house has new windows, a new front door, a new roof, and weatherproofing plastic stapled onto the frame of the covered back porch. Christmas decorations could be seen in the window.

I was happy. That's what I needed to know about that old house.

Before I left town, I decided to hit my favorite thrift store in the old neighborhood and came away the with cutest blue and white tea pot, creamer and sugar bowl set you could imagine.


elizabeth said…
that is a very good day; glad your old house is being cared for; my family moved over 20 years ago and when ever I see the house I lived my first 10 plus years of life, I remember and am glad that it is still being lived in...

Love the new tea pot set you got! what a find!

wishing you a good and peaceful week as we move closer to Christmas.
mamajuliana said…
I used to go visit the home where I used to live before my mother died, (when I was 8.)

I drove by about once a month or so.
Nothing like stalking your old homestead!

I also remember the picture on the front page of the paper when the house burned. I felt so sad. I guess it will always be my home.

I am glad that your old house is receiving some love and that it made you happy.
lisa said…
I was so happy to see you, Alana!

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