It's Nice to be Home

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday gathering with my side of the family. All the usual fixings, eight adults and eight kids...good times had by all.

On Thursday afternoon I took the longest nap of my life. I laid down for a few minutes in bed after lunch, and woke up to it being dark outside and everyone having eaten most of the pies. That's just fine, since I wasn't having any pies anyway.

I stuck with my diet. I'm proud. At least not losing momentum there. We'll see if I can keep things up until Christmas.

I was happy to see that the gerbils survived our two day absence just fine. They have so much food stashed underneath their bedding that we probably won't need to feed them for a week, he he.

Our journey home took lots longer than we anticipated due to a family member's car breaking down and Wes ferrying them home while the kids and I hung out at a McDonald's and waited. It was fun. I got lots of knitting done.

Did not get as much knitting done at the holiday gathering as I thought I would, since knitting lace involves counting and it's hard to count while engaged in interesting and lively conversation. Oh well, that's OK. Lively and interesting conversation is always worth a slow down in knitting activity, IMO. My BIL and I talked about blogging, and how to monetize, etc. His interesting and thoughtful blog is here, and I can truly say he is in deed a "Super Daddy". I don't think I'm going to monetize this blog anytime soon, but the thought does intrigue me.

Now it's full focus on the upcoming Christmas holidays. I hope I can manage to pull off some good festivities for the kids this year. Meanwhile, we fast.


elizabeth said…
sounds like you had a good time. I'm glad! blessed Nativity Fast to you... keep it up!
Kevin said…
Aww, thank you Alana. Good times were had by all!

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