Tuesday, November 30, 2010

An Extraordinary Ordinary Day

Every time I am preparing to go take communion I am severely tempted to stay home. Each and every time. It's a spiritual battle and my flesh is often weak. A priest told me one time that the devil likes to prey on the old, the infirm, and the innocent. I'm am neither old nor innocent, but I certainly do have more than my share of infirmities. Sometimes these legitimately keep me home, and at other times I'm just tempted to give in to laziness, all in the name of "I need more rest."

I was facing such demons this morning at six when my alarm went off. I managed to get to Church anyways. It's the feast of the Holy Apostle Andrew, the First-Called. So, I walked into St. George's chapel at 7 am while it was still dark outside, and was met by the lovely glow of the lit up Church. All was gold and rosy, and the choir was heavenly. I am so glad I got up extra early today and managed to make the effort. I feel blessed. It's so good to receive the Sacraments.

In other news it's raining today and it's just the kind of day for doing internet research on potential dress patterns and fabric sources for one of the wedding dresses I'll be making next spring. Such fun!

And knitting! I'm knitting a lace cardigan out of fisherman's wool. The pattern lends itself well to the chunkiness of the wool yarn and it makes me happy, happy, happy. I have dreams of having it done by Christmas. A girl can dream, I guess. I'm almost done with the body up to the armpits, and then I'll split it up and do the front panels and the back, weave the shoulders together and make the sleeves. Pish tosh, yeah, right. It takes me 17 minutes to knit two rows of this pattern at an easy pay-attention-to-what-I'm-doing pace.

Speaking of which, I think I shall get back to my knitting now.


Jane G Meyer said...

So glad you went to the service this morning! Your early morning rising inspires me... It's my son's saints day--my firstborn--my Andrew.

Mimi said...

That's interesting, I sometimes struggle with the same temptation.

Wonderful you were able to go. Holy St. Andrew, pray to God for us.

Matushka Anna said...

The knitting is beautiful! I admire people who can knit because I've never had any success there. I know what you mean about it making you happy though - crocheting does the same thing for me.

I suspect that temptation is pretty common - it tries to get me too.