Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Tornadoes, Tired and Gary Taubes

Whenever the weather is turbulent, I feel extra tired. It's my fibromyalgia. I'm used to it.

Today I managed to run some errands and do some mending. What do you do when your rapidly growing girl outgrows the length of a pretty dress? Why, find another in similar fabric (bigger size) at the thrift store, cut the bottom off the bigger one, top off the favorite one, and sew the top onto the longer bottom. Problem solved. And I put a button on a shirt and did and a bit of mending on a blouse. OK, enough about my sewing corner. It was the type of afternoon where I kept spilling the trash can due to clumsiness, knocking over my thread holder and having to pick up, re-wind and re-stash multiple spools of thread....glad to be out of there.

There was a very exciting tornado warning in Jefferson County today just before noon. 80 mph winds and various twister clouds that may or may not have touched down. I put the kids in the hallway and watched the weather on the news. So glad we live on the downstairs level of our apartment. Ah, good times!

Currently reading (yep, I did it again...put down the book I was reading in favor of a library book) "Good Calories Bad Calories" by Gary Taubes.

Very thick and sciency. Not a diet book. I recommend it to all, but especially those who might be fluffier than they wish they were.

I'll post a video by Gary Taubes to serve as a good introduction. Well worth your time. Whether the reiteration of information I technically already know will enable me to apply it to my life in sufficiently stringent ways to get my very sluggish metabolism to actually let go of some of my fluff...well, we shall see. God's will be done.

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elizabeth said...

crazy weather today!

hope you feel better soon... energywise... I am fighting a head cold still myself...

nice that you are reading something that is not fully fluff... good for one's mind I think!