Still Sick

The chicken soup's done been et. We slogged through the weekend noshing leftovers and various pasta dishes in small quantities. Somewhere in there Eric started eating again, and mostly keeping it down. Today his appetite is back and his fever is gone. I think he's over it.

I'm still running a low temp and feeling achy, but had a few hours this morning before that started up again where I wasn't feverish and was able to do a few chores. It's not like I'm too sick to rotate laundry, ya know. And it's stinky.

It's so nice this time of year to have the windows open, although my sensorily over-sensitive Ariana acts like temps in the sixties breezing in through an open window are an arctic blast designed to give her toes frostbite.

I just wish I had the energy to go out and take a walk in the lovely fall weather. That will come in a few days I trust.

Now I just have to figure out what's for dinner. And cook it later on. Sigh.


elizabeth said…
hang in there and I pray you and family will all be recovered soon...
Blessed Rain said…
Hope you get well soon! I am suffering from severe allergies as I acclimate to my new home. I feel your pain!
Rebecca said…
Hang in there! Continued prayers.
Victoria said…
(((hug to all)))

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