Sunday, October 10, 2010

Ills, Chills and...

...spills? I spilled a glass of water today when I set it on the floor and kicked it over a few minutes later.

...wills? Will I get up off my butt and do some laundry and tidy the kitchen? Will I? Will I?

...pills? I ought to organize my pill organizer. Really, I should.

...what else rymes? Dills? Nah. not too fond of pickles.

...gills. Don't have 'em. Don't need 'em. Not a sea creature.

Ok, this is getting random. I'll stop and start writing something better, I promise.

Three of us were able to go to Church this morning, thank God! The other three...still sick w/ at least two different illnesses. I think I'm just about to the point of getting some lysol disinfectant wipes and cleaning everything in the house. Especially the keyboards, I reckon.

Nothing else is new. I hope we all get well soon. Lord have mercy on us, please!


Jane G Meyer said...

prayers! and blessings...

thegeekywife said...

...sills. As in window sills. :)