For the past several weeks I've been attempting to eat down what is in the freezer in anticipation of defrosting the narshty thang, and getting it cleaned up. I have a full sized upright freezer (love it) that is almost as big as the refridgerator. Bigger, perhaps, if one does not count the small freezer that is on top of the fridge. So, I like buying frozen foods.

We've eaten some but not all of the ginormous Costco bags of veggies, we've taken a stab and the frozen fruit... and finished off one variety of fish sticks. But tehre's just no getting to the bottom of it.

So today was chicken day from the farmer and I picked up my four pre-ordered freshly butchered pastured chickens today when I went to get my milk.

And I decided that I'd just cram as much stuff into the cooler as I could, and cram the rest into the small freezer, and defrost the big freezer today. So there it goes. I have the space heater up on a chair blowing warm air in there, a big bowl to catch the melt and towels on the floor to dam the runoff. Oh joy!

But at least it's getting done.

The weather is nice and cool outside today and I want, want, want, to drag the kids out of doors. Perhaps to the zoo. That will happen if and only if Bethany's appointment with the oral surgeon place doesn't take too long. She needs her wisdom teeth out and today is the consultation. It's already September is it not? I'm wondering if I can schedule the oral surgery for January, when we have more medical money. Hmmm...there's a thought. I'm gonna try and see if they'll let me push it out that far.

It seems like life has been far too busy to blog much lately and even far too busy to think deep thoughts. Indeed. I'm living in mama-land with about 60% of the energy I need (mental, physical, spiritual) to actually make it all work. I can list all day long the things I do get done and the pile of undone stuff still seems to grow.

I hope I can ferret out the important from the necessary, and do those things, and live well and with prayer.


elizabeth said…
Yes... one thing at a time... good to figure out what is needed.
Cinnamon said…
I have this little list, so that nothing will be missed or whatever the light opera lyrics are... . But, that little list has had the same things on it ALL summer and now it'll be the fall. Guess I'll work on finishing off one chore, only one chore today, instead of everything on that list today!


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