Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Tweeny Bopper Shopping Trip

The Tweeny bopper literally outgrew all her clothes with the near exception of a pair of shorts, a skirt and a few tank tops overnight. So, today was shopping day.

Thrift Store:

1 hot pink knitted beret
1 cute brown top
1 cute blue print flowy top
1 light blue sweater
1 adorable top, black w/ white dots
1 striped long sleeved t-shirt
pair of khaki pants
pair of jeans w/ applique hearts
...all for $15.75


3 pairs of jeans
1 hot pink tunic top w/ white accent and a wee bit of bling around neckline


2 pairs of jeans for $2.00 each on clearance (score!)
2 OP t-shirts, one dollar each to sleep in (big ugly OP logo on the front, but they are for sleeping and the price was right)
3-pack of belts, in hot pink, black and silver
card of tweeny looking earrings
1 pajama set
1 pair of black dress shoes, (women's size 7!!!)
Less than fifty dollars...

So the entire shopping trip was less than a hundred bucks!

No fighting and a VERY happy mom and daughter: Priceless.


elizabeth said...

yay!!! wow, hot pink is back! was my fave colour when I was a kid... :)

Alana said...

Oh, everything looked SO familiar...from the cut, the cloth and the accessories. The ONLY difference are those neck scarves. But I was wearing those because that's how kids in Switzerland dressed. I guess I was 30 years too early!

Bohemimom said...

a raspberry beret? The kind you find at a second hand store? Did she go in through the out door?

Alana said...

har har har.

Tabitha said...

Truly priceless. What a blessing.

Mimi said...

Good shopping!
I agree, Alana - so much of what my kids and the kids I see at school and church is right out of my high school closet.

Tabitha said...

The up side to the eighties coming back is that I actually have some idea of how to help my daughter put together a "cool" ensemble. Not sure how that happened as I wasn't "cool" the last time around. Oh well.

Anonymous said...

Love it! Was this done all in one day? Sounds very strenuous--it must be more fun to shop for a daughter than a son.