Various people in our family have been sick these past couple of weeks. Last week it was M and this week, E is vomiting and has the Big D. I'm running a fever, and B is feeling crummy.

Pray for us.

It looks like we are all going to stay in for another weekend...missing a campout at a Civil War reenactment that we'd planned to attend, missing a wedding we'd hoped to go to, and missing Church..again. Early this week I'd wanted to take the kids and myself to Divine Liturgy for the Protection of the Theotokos tomorrow morning, but that ain't happening.

The big blessing is, I was able to get the grocery shopping done before falling ill this afternoon, so at least our pantry is stocked up. I think tomorrow I'm going to bow to the fact that many of us are sick and make a large vat of chicken soup...and eat it. Even if it IS Friday.

But though all the poopy laundry and all the misery, at least it's possible to have a peaceful heart. I've been so blessed this week with several phone calls from friends. This is a direct answer to prayer. Probably three or four months ago, I was feeling very much in need of some closer friends, and the Lord is providing them.

For some reason my feverish self can't sleep, but since I'm sick I"m not going to set an alarm tomorrow morning. yay!

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elizabeth said…
hope you all feel better soon; hang in there...
gemma said…
Sure hope this passes quickly. Hate those stomach things. Praying for you.
mamajuliana said…
Hope all are feeling better soon!

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