Experimenting with Sugar Free Buttercream

Well, I sort of made myself sick on all the cakes I ate last month. Sick as in, some...ahem...lots of weight gain. So I wondered if this hobby could be continued in a sugar free fashion. Today I whipped up some Sugar Free Buttercream Frosting, using Splenda (my kids are in the background telling all about how bad Splenda is for us...grant it, they are right no doubt and I've just send the hubby out the door to buy a bag of Stevia...yes I know.

But I had some time on my hands this morning (yay, labor day!) and decided to give sugar free baking a try. I don't think I've ever made anything sugar free without also doing low carb, so this was new.

anyways, I found this recipe here. The only thing I modified is that I added twice as much splenda as it called for, and half again as much crisco. And then I just added water instead of milk, and kept adding one tablespoon at a time until it was the consistency I wanted. I still think it was a bit too dry, as my drop flowers were breaking.

Nothing fancy, just experimenting. Next time I'll keep adding more water. It was too dry to do a rose, and so I stuck with these drop flowers on top of the cup cakes. Yeah, just what I need, eh?


mamajuliana said…
What do you mean nothing fancy? They are just beautiful...and yummy, I bet! So pretty. I wish I could do that!
Alana said…
with the right tip, these babies are just "squeeze and release".

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