Life the Universe and Homeschooling

Oh my! Have I been busy lately, or what? Crazy busy. And for some reason I can't seem to put my finger on exactly what's been going on. Well, lets see...wonderful time with friends, taking kids (and a friend!!!!) to the zoo so they could do the sky trail adventure course and then taking them home due to heat exhaustion.

Ariana and I have been baking lots of cakes for her cake decorating class. Practice, practice, practice. I'm hoping the cake I make and decorate today will be worthy of the Ladies Society Bake Sale tomorrow, because I SO don't need to eat more cake. (Last night I practiced butter cream frosting roses until the frosting in the bag was gone. It's quite hard on the hands.)

I have another bride to take care of this week: adding straps/sleeve thingies to a strapless gown and making crowns. I already made her veil. Whew. Wedding's next week. starts on Monday. Home school that is. Am I really ready? Not so much. I guess I could put it off, but the thought of one more week of the kids spending way too much time playing on the computer makes me nuts. I'd rather have them learning on the computer. Ha ha ha.

Plus we have some relatives visiting this week. Egads, it's going to be busy! At least my schedule is not up to my neck in doctor's appointments, which is a nice change of pace.

There's always lots to be grateful for.


elizabeth said…
Sounds like very busy but good! Love you! Yes, thankgiving and greatfulness...

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