Tuesday, August 24, 2010


I have to go to the endodontist, like, right now. I'm blogging right quick to put off my departure. Dread does not begin to describe how I feel about this up coming experience.

Officially, I'm going to have tooth #14 looked at. But they blocked out time...just in case I need a root canal. Officially, if I don't get approved for a credit option to pay the more-than-nine-hundred and fifty dollars for this gig, I can walk out of there. But the lady on the phone was just fine blocking out the whole friggin afternoon for me, which tells me that NO ONE gets turned down for Carecredit by Citibank. Har har har. Because I've already maxed out my Delta Dental payout for the year, I'm gonna pay for this with money from our deep, deep savings account [coughnotcough].

I could go to Switzerland or on an Alaskan cruise for two (that honeymoon that we never took?), for what all of this dental work is costing. Considering how badly a vacation could be used, this thought makes me want to CRY. Willnotfeelsorryforself! Willnotfeelsorryforself! Willnotfeelsorryforself!

At any rate, I'll be grateful not to have pain after this is done. And grateful that current dental technology means I don't have to be a snaggletoothed old crone.

OK, now I'd better get going. Sigh.

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Laura said...

I'm sorry about the bad tooth and the money outlay. I do hope you get to feeling better...