Ariana's Final Cake: Yellow Mums!

Isn't this cake sweet? Monochrome yellow tones, topped with fuzzy mums. She was so very patient making all the dots. And her rosettes were perfect. Did I mention that she did a better job icing her cake than I did mine? Much smoother. I'm proud of my not-a-baby-anymore-girl!!!!!

She gave her cake to a neighbor. :-D


Kevin said…
Very nice. Next time she makes a cake and wants to give it away, inform her I have never turned down cake!:)~
elizabeth said…
very cool!
mamajuliana said…
The girl has patience! Nice job!
bjm said…
Proud Mamaw... beautiful cake... and remembe Kevin's favoite cake is chocolate... Ariana, this cake is beautiful.
gemma said…
Another beauty and again, so professional looking. Great job.

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