How it went

Pediatric Neurologist visit survived. Another EEG next Monday. A follow up w/ Neurologist's colleague who is even better w/ movement disorders in a week and a half. Blood work to do, MRI films to retrieve from other hospital, Opthalmologist appointment to make ("nothing is medically insignificant") and I'm taking an odd bit of comfort in the detail that the doctor we saw today has a limp and a cane like Dr. House. Will soon be deep in medical debt and that thought does not panic me anymore. The words "Neuropsychiatric" were spoken in the context of what types of disorders are going to be investigated.


elizabeth said…
my love and prayers. hugs. I pray that you can keep peace that you and B are in God's care, as is all your family...
thegeekywife said…
It sounds like things are moving in the right direction. Many prayers.

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