A Yen

I have a yen to sew a victorian era outfit to wear to a mother/daughter Victorian tea our AHG troop is going to in December. The whole thing will last only 2 hours, which means my yen to sew a corset, a crinoline, and a dress, a bonnet and perhaps a cloak might be called EXPENSIVE AND SILLY.

However, I think it points to something greater: The desire to be involved in historical costuming and re-enactments someday, on some level.

A gal can dream, can't she?


Renee said…
a victorian tea? what a fun idea; I may have to suggest that to our AHG troop
Anonymous said…
It sounds great to me, I say go for it on the condition that your readers get to view the progress ;)

And what is a yen exactly??
Simeon said…
You only live once the saying goes. Enjoy it, so it lasts 2 hours, doesn't have to end there, does it?
elizabeth said…
sounds fun! I say go for it!
margaret said…
Start with the cloak... if you get bored it's about the only thing you could still wear.

On the other hand, why don't you research bonnets and all wear a different one (Vicky saw out a lot of fashions)rather than the whole outfit? It would be a neat project which we would all love to follow and then you could use them as room decor afterwards :)
Alana said…
A yen...a desire...a wish.
Alana said…
Bonnets were actually brought up as an idea in the planning meeting. Of course, me being me, want to go all out. Once time I sewed a regency dress just to wear to a Jane Austen movie party. It was $1.00 per yard fabric.

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