Not What I Expected

I had my plans for today, and I was hoping to take the kids to the zoo after I finished up a wee bit of sewing. The bride whose dress I'm making was scheduled to come over for a fitting of her rehearsal dinner dress, and I wanted her to try on the initial muslin of the wedding dress top, as well.

And I'm sewing along, and the electricity goes out.

That certainly was not what I expected to happen.

But it was OK. I just filled some water bottles, packed some snacks, and we all escaped our dark and bleeping (I'm not using a swear word....electronic devices with computer brains complain loudly with multiple repeated beeping noises when their power is interrupted) apartment for a nice trip to the zoo.

Bethany was in a bad way (neurogolically) today, so I pushed her in the wheelchair while we were at the zoo. Oooof. Two miles, up and down hills...that was QUITE a workout. I can feel it deep in my abdominals, and especially going up those hills works the backside.

Being out in the sunshine, although very hot, was good for us, and the fresh air did Bethany good. And the fresh air and exercise did us all good.

I'm grateful we could go and do that, and I'm also grateful that the bride fit into her dress. I honestly thought I'd have to undo a bunch and take it in some more. Now all I have to do is put in the zipper, hem it up and do a wee bit of hand sewing on the inside to tack down the lining. Lovely, lovely, lovely. And then, I'll spend next week doing the wedding dress. I'm so excited!

In other news, Bethany was very clever today: She decided to wear swimming goggles that I'd just bought while cutting up an onion in the kitchen.

Now that, certainly, was not what I expected!


elizabeth said…
well; good to be flexiable! sorry B was not well today but how smart of her to wear goggles while onion cutting; that is very clever indeed!
margaret said…
Thank you, Bethany!!!! Every single variety of onion causes me tears and pain and I have NEVER thought of swimming goggles but I'll be buying the first pair I see now.
Amy said…
You go, woman! I remember the Louisville Zoo very well from visiting my family there. I'm sure you did get quite the workout!

Glad your day was able to turn out well!

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