Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Unbefreakinlievably Tired Right Now

A full day of waking up with back pain, supervising school work, working in the kitchen, helping my 10 year old bake her fist batch of "solo" cookies ever, and taking Eric to the hospital to get X-Rays.

X-Rays, you ask? Yes, indeed. No emergency, just a chronic pain condition that his doctor wants to look into.

You see, yesterday I took the boy to the doc for a routine camp physical, since he's wanting to go to Boy Scout Camp this summer. All good, easy peasy, right? Wrong.

He tells the doctor about the fact that his legs hurt whenever he stands. (They really really do, and have for years and WHY did I not think to mention this to a doctor before???? Overwhelmed a wee bit by other things, me guesses. At any rate, it's prevented him from ever being an altar boy.)

So, the doctor ordered blood work and X rays and did not sign off on the camp physical form yet. So that's what I was doing getting my son some X-Rays at the Hospital this afternoon. I don't really expect they'll find anything. Weird sets of symptoms that are largely undiagnosable to modern medicine seem to run in our family. But if they do, it will be nice to know what's going on. And I hope it's not too terrible.

Meanwhile, I've also been working on some sewing...place mats this afternoon. And I started hemming cloth napkins. Going to have to do some seam ripping on the second one. I guess I got tired and the quality went way downhill. That's life.

I'd better get off here and go make spaghetti. Can you tell from my writing that I'm tired? Yah.


elizabeth said...


wish I could make things easier for you.

my love to you and more hugs (esp. if they give you energy!)

Hezra said...

I have a kid with leg issues too! It is fine in daytime but then he has horrible leg cramps or growing pains or something all through the night about 3 nights a week. He just had to get a tet. shot for stepping on a nail. and it made the leg thing worse. They tell us it is coincidence. We are tired too, some bug that causes headache, nausea and extreme fatigue has hit about halg my crew! me incl. no bueno...

Tabitha said...

My daughter was having leg pains too (I believe I told you about it). Anyway, they did a BUNCH of bloodwork and everything came back normal except her vitamin D levels were quite low. Put her on One A Day Teen and some D3 supplements. Her levels doubled and the pain is gone. Plus with Spring being here she is in the sun more and more active, also good things. And to top it all off, I pointed out to her that the majority of her pains were happening when she was tired and not wanting to go to church. I suggested that Satan might be using her physical weakness to drive a wedge between her and God. We also began holy water and holy oil treatments, she began praying about it and trying to watch her attitude (sporadically anyway). I felt we gave it a pretty holistic approach (boy was I glad she saw results!)