Suddenly They Grow Up

Today my youngest daughter made her fist solo batch of cookies. She's just a few months shy of eleven and her arms are long enough for oven reaching. She's never showed any interest in baking before, but today she came to me and asked if she could make oatmeal cookies. Sure. I don't mind.

So I lined up the ingredients, we found the recipe together and I answered a few questions for her. I gave her some tips on using the oven, but all in all, she made those cookies herself. I'm very proud. And they were yummy. And I got lots of sewing done while she made them.

My oldest has also come up with the most delicious stevia sweetened mint tea lemonade concoction EVER. Yum.

And she decided to make some coconut flour, erythritol sweetened chocolate cookies for us to eat. So very kind of her. I'll eat them tomorrow. Perhaps even for breakfast. But today, I feel like it's my motherly DUTY to go off my diet and eat some of those oatmeal cookies that A. made. ;-) They are, after all, her very first batch.


Helen said…
How romantic!

Congratulations also for the Mum!

elizabeth said…
Neat! Good for them! Wishing you a great day!

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