A New Opportunity

A friend of mine opened a Tea Shop in Lexington a few weeks ago. I can't wait to drive over there and have some tea and check out the new business. I'm just so happy for her.

And...she wants to sell things like cloth napkins, aprons, tea cozies, place mats...you know...tea-time things made out of fabric.

And here I am, with a brand spankin' new sewing machine. So, guess who got a commission to do some sewing? Moi!

Sounds like I need to organize my time...seriously. I've already designed a unique fully reversible one-size-fits-all-teapots tea cozy and made my first three specimens. Trust me...I collect tea pots and I tried this out on a variety of pots and it works on all of them, thanks to the unique flower petal design. And yesterday I bought more coordinating fabric for reversible place-mats, cloth napkins and yet more fabrics for another reversible set.

So that etsy shop that I've been threatening to open but never actually getting done...I think it might be happening soon. Whatever doesn't sell at Cuppa will get sold on etsy.

I'm excited.

Now, I'd better go get organized and make it happen. And pre-wash that fabric.


BelleArtMom said…
That is so cool! I have always dreamed of either a)opening a little shop or b) selling my handmade stuff at a little shop. It will be great to focus on something for yourself.
Hezra said…
oooh, YAY! That sounds so fun! I have sold about 200.00 worth of stuff at a friends shop. Very fun to get money for stuff you LOVE!
elizabeth said…
how exciting! I have lots of tea pots too... (come to think of it, I wonder where my for-work-only tea pot went when I moved...) I think I have about 5 tea pots or so...

show us pictures of what you make it you have the chance!
Veiled Glory said…
That is a terrific opportunity! :-)
cuppa said…
margaret said…
I'm not likely ever to have a cup of tea in Lexington nor even need a tea-cosy here at home... but I do wish you both well.

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