Monkey Bread

In no particular order:

I taught Ariana how to make monkey bread today. Like we need THAT. eh.

Also figured out that Bethany is going to get a gardening badge, a textiles badge and a needlework badge for American Heritage Girls.

Printed off medical health forms for camp (printing is a long and arduous process requiring patience and causing stress).

Took two kids to the doc for camp physicals.

Got an MRI and EEG scheduled for Bethany.

Followed up on inquiry about referral for Eric to see a specialist about something.

Picked up milk from Farmer.

Answered some grammar quesitons.

Took someone to piano lesson.

Filled out a gazillion forms.

Had a deep conversation with one of my kids.

Dealt with mental illness issues.

Had a melt down.

Dispensed medication.

Cooked a very boring dinner.

Had phone conversation (that was on a deadline) while I was rushing around trying to do something else.

Was stuck in traffic for 45 minutes.

Still has not gone grocery shopping.

Did not touch the untidy living room or kitchen.

Thinks the popcorn kernels on the living room carpet will survive another day.


elizabeth said…
sigh. Whew. What a busy day. *hugs*
margaret said…
They survive very well on my floor and I don't have kids, traffic jams or family meals to cook.

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