Sunday, May 23, 2010


So I washed that gray right outta my hair and I went for a slightly darker shade this time. I thought to match my head hair with the middle-aged-woman-hairs growing out of my chin that I pull out while I'm stopped in traffic.

People at St. A's yesterday were teasing me and telling me I look GREEK! It's not the first time I've been told I look Greek, LOL, but COME ON! I'm all English with a little bit of other words, 100% American, since those English genes have been on this continent since the first half of the 1600's.

At any rate, there it is. My mom wanted to see a picture. This is for you, mom!


BelleArtMom said...

Looks nice! I dye my hair blond because there is so much white. When I was Lutheran everyone assumed I was Norwegian because I also have blue eyes! Nope, English/Irish/Scottish.
That's one of the reasons I chose Brigid for my Christian name.

margaret said...

It is the same shape as mine except mine has all its grey in it. 25 years ago an adorable Greek hieromonk said, "Such a pretty girl, she MUST be Greek" about me :) altho I'm actually Anglo-Jewish-Belorussian.

BelleArt - I think a millennium back the Norwegians had quite a lot of input into our genes. In Scotland and Yorkshire even today you see more pale skin and red hair than in the rest of the country.

Alana said...

LOL, Margaret. I've never met a Greek woman who is as tall or big-boned as I am. They all seem pretty and petite.

elizabeth said...

Looks great!

love that your changed your background of your blog to green for Pentecost!

Blessed Feast!

Anonymous said...