Eeeeeew! AKA: Vile Smell of the Week

So, today is M's birthday. Happy birthday, dear one. 14! Wow. She really is a young lady. I could not be more proud and blessed.

Anyway, the birthday girl requested an outing: Perhaps a trip to the library and then down to the Riverfront Park?

That sounded lovely to all of us. So we had a lazy morning (no school work on birthdays!) and then after lunch we gathered our books, filled our water bottles and set off.

First the library...then onto I-65 to whip downtown to the park. It's a very busy interstate at mid-afternoon. And curvy.

We passed a truckload of pink pigs. Poor pigs. Comparisons were made to the chicken truck we passed once before. My kids know way too much about the food industry for their innocent ages. The pigs smelled like pigs. We drove behind the truck for a while.

Then it happened: E, who was riding shotgun, mentioned that he was getting carsick, (which was a consequence of reading a library book in the car!!!!)! Then it REALLY happened and vomit was flying about...mostly down the front of himself, thank goodness. My purse was sitting pretty close to the drama, but managed to escape unscathed, as did the library book he'd been reading.

There was absolutely nothing I could do but keep my eyes on the road and drive. So I drove.

Anyone who knows me knows I hate driving with windows open. All that wind. Yech. But since there's nothing worse than the smell of vomit, those windows came down, and instead of taking my exit, I just hopped right onto I-64 and we made a nice loop straight for home. (I do love the interstates in this town!)

As I pulled into our parking lot, giving intructions such as "Go straight to the shower, etc.", there is a problem: A, sitting just behind me in the back seat is not getting out of the vomitous van. No, instead she is ALSO puking her guts out. Double eeeeeeeew. Mingling smells of two types of vomit. Such fun. She, too, had been reading in the car. And we all know how the smell of vomit can trigger more vomit.

So the kids were shuffled inside, and I got to clean up the van with my peppermint fragranced enzyme cleaning spray and almost a whole big roll of paper towels.

I think I deserve a cup of decaf coffee and a slice of birthday cake now!


Anonymous said…
Yuck yuck yuckety yuck. You are a brave woman! I had to deal with cat poo all over the bathroom floor this morning, which wasn't great either.

Christ is risen!
BelleArtMom said…
Yikes! That beats my story of when I was driving home with my husband's mastiff puppy at Christmas time and she went poop all over the van. And in my purse, which was left open from when I went through the drive through at McD's for a Coke on the way home.
NEVER read in the car!
elizabeth said…
oh no!! poor kids; yeah; if I read in the car I start feeling sick too... hard to stop reading! what a day!
wendylf said…
Sooooo sorry! I've not had that problem, but it reminded me of the time all 4 kids got hit with flu at the same time, all night long! And the DH was on a job interview out of town! I was washing sheets at midnight! Hope the rest of the B-day was mucho better! Blessings on you, dear mother of 4! :)
Tabitha said…
I dont know who I feel more sorry for, E & A or M. Oh, wait, definitely, you! Still, I hope M got to do something celebratory and that all of you had a much better day from that point on.
Amy said…
Oh, how horrible! I feel for you!

The only time I ever had a kid puke in the car worked out so well, because we had enough warning to give her a big Ziploc bag. Made me think of barf bags on airplanes. Hmmm. Maybe I should keep one stashed in the car at all times!

However, one time we stayed in a hotel, and I woke up to my far too old to puke on the floor son puking all over the shag carpeting. I did my best to mop it up, but we were trapped in the room with the vile smell for the rest of night. Such a looooooong night. When we checked out, I told them at the desk what had happened. I assumed they would charge me a clean up fee. The desk clerk sighed and said there was no extra charge. It apparently happens all the time.

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