Friday, April 16, 2010

Thar She Blows!

We've had a HOT spring here in the Ohio River Valley of Kentucky this year. (I almost went and wrote "Central Kentucky" and then I remembered that I no longer live in the Bluegrass, which is a weird brain bender, but I digress.) More than once I've heard people remark that we skipped spring and went straight to summer. The fact that Eric had symptoms of heat exhaustion while we were visiting the zoo the other day does nothing but support our weather observations. It's APRIL...and the first half of April, at that. Egads.

Will it be a hot summer?

I predict that it will NOT be a hot summer, but rather a cool and rainy summer. Why, you ask?

Because a honkin' big volcanic eruption that is going on and on and on is spewing gobs of volcanic ash four miles high into the atmosphere, that's why.

But I could be wrong, you know. It could be that this is the wrong kind of volcano to cool things down on a global scale. It will be interesting to see what happens.


Erin said...

It's very hot. And I'm hoping for a mild summer. I know I'm not the only pregnant mom is the world or history with an EDD in mid-August, but I'm just saying I'd appreciate some comfortable temps.

Last year, we had a hot April (I had the kids in the baby pool in April), and then had a really cool summer. Maybe that'll be the trend??

I was going to tell you that I thought it was OK to say bluegrass -- but I guess technically you're very right. I'd still say it though :-) Bluegrass sounds waaay better than ORV.

(who let this girl ramble this morning???)

Tabitha said...

I've heard that the ash has been closing down airports in lots of N. Europe. I haven't heard anything about Greenland or Canada though. Does that maybe mean that it's not spreading this way?

On a related note, is it just me or have there been an unusually high number of natural disasters of late? It seems like there is an earthquake, volcano or similar in the news every other week and sometimes two!

Mimi said...

We had a very warm winter and spring so far is the same way.

I wonder if it will affect the weather like that - very interesting.

elizabeth said...

yeah... will have to see... may the Lord have mercy on us all...

elizabeth said...
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Veiled Glory said...

I was wondering the same thing. The global pow-wow on climate change did accomplish its goal: got the volcano to blow. ;-)