Saturday, April 24, 2010

Some Pictures from This Week

Birthday Cake in Binary.
Lovely blooms!
Incredible bumblebee beauty on some flowering bushes.
The T-Rex and the Dinosaurs Alive! exhibit at the Louisville Zoo. Yes, we know it's not real. Really we do. I promise.
Here we are, fleeing for our lives from the dangerous T-Rex at the Louisville Zoo.
Fleeing from a T-Rex at the zoo.

Today I spent all day cleaning my home. I started in the bedroom, where I turned on corner into a permanent sewing area. I'm so excited! After living here a year and a half, the junky area (creeping pile) of Wes' is finally under control and we are using the space in our bedroom in a more efficient manner. Of course, I have not actually sat down for any sewing yet, since I'm over-tired from cleaning. But this makes me happy.

My youngest daughter took all the pictures of the zoo trip (including the incredible pink flowers). She's a very talented young photographer, at least compared to her mother.


elizabeth said...

Tres Cool.


What fun you had... and what a good job on the photos! Your youngest DD did a great job!

Exciting about the bedroom being more useable; that always feels so good!

BelleArtMom said...

My dh interpreted the binary code for me! Happy 16th B-Day to your daughter. Nice to have a photographer document everything for you.
I have craft areas in my bedroom *and* an unused room downstairs. It will take over eventually.:-)

Marigold said...

Beautiful pics! I especially like the zoo ones; I do love days out at zoos although the concept of them makes me feel a bit funny.

Spring has sprung! Christ is risen!


gemma said...

Great pictures...what a good time you all had. Thank you Lord for Spring!

mamajuliana said...

I envy your sewing corner!!!