I just HAD to sew something!

So I got out my nail file and filed down the trouble spot on my bobbin casing.

Then I finished one of the nightgowns I had cut out. This machine is still doing weird things, and plenty of patience was needed to complete this little project, rethreading and jiggling on the tension issues, and I actually broke two needles back to back at one point when somehow the allignment was "off", and the needle was jamming into the metal plate, but all in all, it was nice to limp along and accomplish something.

I particularly like the kitty cat ribbon decoration that I used on the front. Found in a grab bag of hand-me-downs from a friend.


Hezra said…
SEW CUTE.. lolol yes corny pun totally intended. I am sewing today too. AND limping along. Thankful for my sister who never sews but has the best machine I have ever used. I have two girls sundress style tops almost done. I have taught the girls some embroidery stitches. We are having a life skills learning day here. I am going to do some nighties too.
elizabeth said…
nice! wishing you a good day and that some of your dreams can come true...

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