Help from that Great Cloud of Witnesses

Today I needed to refill Bethany's medicine tray. I opened up our lock box where we keep our medicine, and went to dole out the pills into their aloted spaces in the pill dispenser...and her Geodon was nowhere to be found. I could not find it.

So, I checked in the bedroom...not there. I looked around and under, and in varous places. Perhaps it had fallen into a dresser drawer. Nothing. I checked the medicine shelf in the kitchen, and nothing. I double checked where we stash our vitamins...nothing.

Then a friend of mine called, while I was hunting for the Geodon bottle and we prayed together. She prayed a prayer and asked St. Phanourios to pray for us. He is the saint of finding lost things.

As quickly as the prayer was said, the Geodon was found. Wes found it.

Glory to God who is mighty in His Saints and who heard our prayers and the mighty intercessions of Saint Phanourious.

For more about the Holy Great Martyr Phanourious, check out the OrthodoxWiki article.

I like getting to know saints I have not previously met. Holy Saint Phanourious, pray to Christ our God that He have mercy on me, a sinner.


elizabeth said…
Glory to God for all things!

I hope one day to have an icon of St. Phanourious as I too believe in the strength of his prayers! :)

I learned of him this past year when I was at the Cathedral in town and a cake had been baked in his honour...
Tabitha said…
What a fascinating story, even the saint himself had been lost to us! I believe the Roman Catholic version is St. Anthony of Padua. My Father-in-law was raised Catholic so my husband has always suggested praying to this saint. In fact, at the Pascha picnic this year, Lisa lost one of her cross earrings. She had already searched the pavilion without success. She commented to my husband that if she had lost it outside, then it was a lost cause. He suggested she pray to St. Anthony. She did so and began searching outside. She found it almost immediately! Thanks be to God and His saints who help us to find important things like medicine as well as the little things that remind us that God truly is in the details.
Mimi said…
Holy St. Phanourious, pray to God for us! What a beautiful story!
Rachel said…
um, now you need to bake the bread and bring it to vespers on Saturday.
Elisabeth said…
It is a foreign concept to pray to saints for me. I grew up with little religion and have found myself and God through a non-denominational Protestant church. I guess I feel like the saints are sort of a 'pray to me first, don't go bothering the Man Upstairs' thing. Kind of like discouraging you from praying to the true Lord and Savior. Not that the saints aren't great, they are, but praying to them just seems, well, strange.

Do you know where the idea of praying to Saints came from? I'm intrigued and curious now. :-)

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