Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Growth Spurt!

I remarked this morning how tall my son was getting. He decided to check himself against the marks on the wall that we made only a few weeks ago (3-14-2010).

Oh my goodness!

The boy has grown an INCH in the past five weeks!!!!!

So, not to be outdone, his younger sister had to check herself as well. They were the exact same height a month ago.

The girl, though, has grown an INCH AND A HALF in the past five weeks and is currently gloating that she's taller than her older brother.

I knew kids could shoot up at the ages of almost 11 and almost 12, but this just is a really really fast rate of growth.

Now I know where all that grocery money is going. I think I joined Costco just in time!


elizabeth said...

yeah... it can happen quickly! some of the kids at my church around this age are also shooting up like weeds!

Tabitha said...

Oh no! (mock horror) Soon they will ALL be taller than me. Grin.