Thursday, April 08, 2010

The Countdown Begins

Well, we are starting to hit our home school stride again after Holy Week and Pascha. And the count down to the end of the year has begun, albeit quite unofficially I might add.

At least two, if not three, of my kids have come to me and said: "I only have X number of lessons left in X subject." The numbers usually break out to be about 6 weeks from now.

This is exciting. I think I'll have the kids make count down charts, so that we can really be motivated to "Git-R-Done".

The only subject we are really behind on is American History. Again, no one loves the curriculum (and I had such HIGH hopes, sigh). We need to do two lessons a week to get done in a timely manner on this one. And why are we behind? Well, this is the ONE subject we are doing as a group read-aloud (except for Bible/Religion), and so the blame falls at my very own too-busy feet. Big. Shuddering. Sigh.

And I thought of a good way to make a distinction today between teaching and schooling: Teaching is when I go over something with someone, or explain and work with a student until they "get it". Schooling is my supervising them to study/learn independantly. Fortunately, I do more schooling than teaching, at this point in the game. Grading, on the other hand is something I ought to be doing, will do, plan to do, but have, with a few notable moments of exception, done very little of. Ooooo, that sentence is atrocious, grammatically speaking, and so is this one. And I don't care. I could probably diagram it if I had to, but since I don't I won't. I hate grammar as much as any fifth or sixth grader. But fractions are easy and fun.


elizabeth said...


I am amazed to find I am enjoying French grammar. I always HATED grammar. wow.

blessed finish to the school year! Cheering you on with grading!

Anonymous said...

What about a timely movie to illustrate a point, all terribly educational, or coming up with how to make a movie to illustrate a point? (The only thing I liked about history when I was a kid was when I got to make posters. I made one on the many uses of the dead American buffalo for the American Indian compared to the masses of wasted bones and carcasses of slaughtered bison as a casualty in the railroad expansion of the west.

Maybe a historical (hysterical) reference to apiaries and bees?