Autsim Awareness Month

April is Autism Awareness Month. I decided to make an Autism Awareness Egg. I know, it's less than perfect. Wax drips, and losing track of which color goes where. Not as much red as would have been good.


Anonymous said…
A puzzle, but all part of the whole.
wendylf said…
Your egg is beautiful! Good job...puzzle pieces are hard to draw on flat paper let alone an egg!
I'm wearing my ribbon today and most of the family is in blue, the "official" color.
Happy Resurection Sunday!
Rod said…
What makes it an autism awareness egg? The color scheme?
Alana said…
The multi-colored puzzle pieces is an autism awareness logo type thingy.
thegeekywife said…
I think you did a fine job with the egg!

My cousin said Fri was "wear blue for awareness day", so I did, and I thought of my little cousin and your family.

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