Saturday, March 13, 2010

Things sure do get dirty fast!

My kitchen floor is sticky, the toilet in the kid's bathroom has a ring of dirt in it (and good grief, it hasn't been all that long since it's been scrubbed!), there's a pile of laundry to sort and put away, and another pile that needs to be washed. The crumbs on the dining room floor are begging to be vacuumed, and when I look around all I see is clutter and dust.

All I want to do is clean my house. With no one underfoot and no one to stop me and unlimited energy to do it with, and no back pain.

But this is not heaven so that won't happen.

Second choice: get everyone to help me clean house and get it done so that we can enjoy the weekend.

That might actually have a ghost of a chance. Wish me luck.

I want to clean house so badly. I should rephrase that: I want a clean home so badly.

"Cardfile system? Did she not post a nifty card file system of eliminating the need for massive weekend cleaning sprees?" you ask yourself. Ah, yes. Yes I did. But you see...there it sits unused and unopened for lo these many weeks. And meanwhile life happens.

It seems like I get pulled away from home in the course of being a homemaker way too often. Grocery shopping, doctor's appointments, getting kids to the dentist...all that stuff. Feels like I can barely think straight on most days between the errands and the meals.

And then I'm perpetually answereing academic quesitons, giving oral drills in English grammar or spelling tests or the like, or doing History read-alouds and such things, that the housework gets squeezed. Always the kids are heaing: "I need to get this dishwasher loaded and then I'll help you with your math." or "I can't hear you with the water running, you need to come in here to ask me that question about prepositions and what case that pronoun is in."

And then there's the fact that I'm not a very peppy type of person, and I'd rather sit and sip coffee (and blog) half the morning long rather than be up and on my feet and doing things. Yes, I fight those urges, but not hard enough it seems. And I DO get out and go to the gym regularly, so that's a chunk of my early morning time. But still. I should be superwoman and do it all, shouldn't I? ;-)


elizabeth said...

I share your pain. And my cat refuses to help me clean! (rather she demands that I clean up after her!)

Anonymous said...

I don't usually leave comments on blogs, but I just had to tell you, it makes me feel sooooo much better to hear that others are just like me!!! Thanks for keeping it real! :) Lisa

Hezra said...

well, pooh, I just got my peg and pam book and my card file supplies. All based on your nifty made for me video. lol Yes I am in pain too. I WISH I could have the energy to clean but I will set up the system for now. lol Your schooling comments sound so much like mine it is scary! lol, we could have been sisters separated at BIRTH! ok, not likely I suppose, but we will settle for kindred spirits shall we? I hope you feel better and that I can kick the migraines. AND we SHALL conquer our homes!! then we sip, and knit and crochet and read.... (((hugs)))

Susan said...

I used to let me 3 kids draw chores out of a hat, I drew too.
Bathroom, kitchen, dust and vacuum, etc.
We always got the house spic and span before noon on Saturday.
Then I took them somewhere for a reward.
They always encouraged each other and helped each other because we couldnt go until everyone was done.
Worked for me!!

thegeekywife said...

Check out every morning. Sometimes they have iRobot Scoobas and Roombas for much less than retail. (Sometimes refurbished, sometimes new.)

Seriously, why mop or vacuum when a ROBOT can do it? Turn it into a lesson on how vinegar is a natural cleaner (you can use vinegar instead of the Scooba solution). Have the kiddos learn about algorithms too. And budgeting. And online safety. And electronics.