Sewing Stuff: Ugly Fabric at the Fabric Store, etc.

I'm serious. Come on. The clothes we all wear these days: Does anyone else secretly think they are ugly? Almost as bad as the 1980's, which at the time we all thought was great just because it wasn't the 70's.

Loud splashy color combinations that just scream. These might look good on insect-like supermodel stick people and if you can pull it off, I'm so happy for you. I can't.

So what's a lady to do? I poked around on-line, and while I think that it's somewhat risky buying fabric from an on-line store, I decided to do it anyways.

Here's what I bought: This and This.

Not exactly the most trendy things in the world....but then again, neither am I. I walked around all afternoon at various fabric stores asking myself: "Do I get what's "in" or do I get what I like? Do I get what's "in" or do I get what I like?"

I decided to go more to the "what I like" side of things, although I am toning down my ragamuffin-zilla urges somewhat.

Before I knew better, I used to shop in the quilting cottons to make dresses (that was, like, fifteen years ago, OK...It WAS the 1990's and I wasn't the only least not in the circles I ran around in at the time.) I really believe that that only works if you are 8 years old or under. Sometimes not even then.

I really need to get into period costuming. That way I could live out all my garment fantasies. But I refuse to wear regency gowns around the house and out and about town. I'm just not there. Hats off to the ladies who can do it, though. Yay for self-confidence.

This summer: I'm making a wedding dress! But not for me. Ha! Dh and I will be having our 18th anniversary this summer. No, this is for a cute gal at Church. Yay for wedding dresses.

I keep thinking I ought to sew a few baptismal gowns and put them in the Church bookstore, or on an etsy page for something. Those are fun, too.

Oh well. Not like I'm not busy enough as it is. Especially when I sit around all morning blogging instead of getting anything productive done.

Don't forget to write about your Vile Smell of the Week and post me a comment with a link, please!


margaret said…
I think a lot of modern clothes/fabrics are seriously ugly but I'm sure it's to do with the throwaway culture - buy something, wear it 6 months, trash it. When clothes had to last people were a bit more discerning.

I too remember quilting cotton skirts - I wore them with high necked Edwardian-style blouses, it was tres chic for the Laura Ashley crowd in the early 80s and, conveniently, Laura Ashley was my only source of quilting material anyway.
Mimi said…
What a great idea to Etsy the Baptismal gowns!
Helen said…
I personally don't care about fashion at all. I buy what I like. Usually as classical and casual as it gets. I clicked on both of your links for textile. I like the blue one a lot. The black one is nice too, but I would prefer red with the same pattern for example.

I don't think you should do something more "clever" than blogging. Who says blogs are just for fun? Some people make money from blogging. They create advertising space buy blogging for example.

Congratulations for getting the wedding dress deal!

Helen said…
sorry mistake: by blogging

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