Pascha Baking Plans

Tabitha was asking for the gluten free Kulich recipe, so I figured I could do a post on my Pascha baking plans. (Follow the link above to the recipe I plan on using). I've not tried that recipe yet, but it looks pretty standard, so I'm not too worried.

Bethany's been doing just fine off the GAPS diet and I really believe that the addition of soaked grains (all gluten free) has been good for her. She seems more energetic more often.

So, I suppose I need to find some large cans for baking the Kulich in. I guess I'll have to remember to save some large diced tomato cans when I make soup, or perhaps get my kids to eat some of the canned peaches that are in the pantry.

Additionally, there's a lovely blog called Mennonite Girls Can Cook, that has lots of nice recipes, including paska and Kulich, and gluten free kulich. Check it out. If you go there, notice she has a nice big button on the right hand side for Pascha recipes.

It IS kind of strange that all these Pascha recipes are being shared outside of the fasting/feasting cycle, but rather strictly from a cultural/ethnic background, but Mennonite Girls Can Cook is hands down the most gorgeous cooking blog I've ever seen. It's so totally the way I would cook if my health and waistline would let me, but alas, I have to save the bread and stuff for major major feast days. It's good for my soul, no doubt.

On the cheese spread front, again, I refer you to the Mennonite Girls can cook blog for a recipe. There's a search bar on that blog too. Very convenient. I, of course, will be buying my cream cheese, cottage cheese, and butter and eggs from my local farmer (along with fresh milk and hopefully a few pounds of beef!!!!! Yay, beef!) and plan on making some cheese spread from those fresh ingredients. Let me tell ya, fresh cream cheese tastes nothing like that Philly stuff you buy in the store. It is so much better! Last year I made too much, and I swore I'd never make any more, but now that it is upon us, I just can't resist.

So next week, when I'm not in Church, or busy trying my hands at dying Pysanki Eggs (or helping kids to try their hands at it), I'll be in the kitchen making all these goodies.


elizabeth said…
nice!!! enjoy! glad B. is doing a bit better energy wise ... even some of the time better is great! my love to you and family!
mamajuliana said…
I just love thae Mennonite Girls Can Cook site. I have found quite a few recipes there! I think that I am going to use the GF Baking Beauties recipe this year.
Heather Brandt said…
I don't see gluten free kulich on the Mennonite Girls site. Where is it??

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