My First Pysanky

I know it's far from perfect, but I'm still the proud mama of my very first pysanky egg! As the saying goes: Practice makes perfect!

The kids are alternately concentrating, getting frustrated and having a good time with this activity, and are doing a remarkable job of taking turns.


mamajuliana said…
Good Job!
It looks like you have a much steadier hand than I do!
Philippa said…
Very impressive. Well done! I've not a clue how that project even gets started.
elizabeth said…
How exciting! Not bad at all! Quite lovely in fact!!
jane deere said…
Great job for your first time! I watched a show about this not too long ago and it was very interesting. It's an interesting process.
I just did my first one, too! It's a very meditative process.
Anonymous said…
Beautiful :)

In Sweden there is a variant of this tradition, and I suppose in times past it would have been done properly with dyes and pens, but in our household at least it's become a job for the watercolours and paintbrushes! We then have egg fights with them, which are taken extremely seriously.

I'm so glad I'm seeing pysanky all over the blogs I read - it must mean Pascha is on its way and not a moment too soon...

Anonymous said…
Gorgeous. Maybe the photos will have to do for posterity. Make sure you take shots that will look swell on Easter note cards...they are so colorful!
Lisa said…
Great site, pysanky is something that was handed down to me through my mother and I now teach it to my grandchildren. I'm not all that great at but I do love it. Thanks for sharing.

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