"Just One Verse, Lord."

Today is one of those days when I got up early and will be going until late. Too much on my plate. I did cancel one appointment (Eric's piano lesson), and that helped a wee tiny bit. You see, because we had Vesperal Liturgy for the Annunciation last night (and those always make me tired), I did not go grocery shopping in the afternoon as I normally do. So the shopping fell to today. And I have American Heritage Girls tonight. And Eric needed a suit for Pascha. And, and, and.

So...what all did I do? Up this morning (I was late for Matins because while I was eating breakfast I discovered that blogger has a new template thingy and I was trying to redesign my blog a bit. I'm only mariginally happy with what's up now. I'm sure it will change soon.) Then coffee with a friend. Home again to help kids get started on school work, then out the door to meet the Farmer and get my eggs and milk and cheese and beef. Then home again to make lunch. Did all that, then I decided to cancel piano (it was funny because his teacher also wanted to cancel and we were both heming and hawing on the phone. We finally figured out that we were BOTH feeling overwhelmed today, so all was well.)

I took Eric shopping for his suit and it could not have been better. I didn't really know where to go, so decided to try Shaheen's which is owned and operated by a family from our Church. Walked right in, the owner recognized us, we found the suits and she escorted us through the process. The whole time I'm thinking "Oh no, what if they are too expensive!" and I dared not look at the price tag. Eric tried on one suit, which came complete with pants, shirt, vest, tie and jacket...and it was marked down to THIRTY dollars. Ok, so it's not wool, but for a boy's suit it looks nice enough...and that price! I would have paid twice that and felt like I was getting a good deal. So that went well, thanks be to God.

After the kids had their school work done, they had a movie to watch, so I dashed back out the door (I hate errandy days) to get groceries...well, half our groceries. I still need to hit Whole Foods, but I hit the Asian specialty store and stuffmart. Stuffmart of course involved going in, realizing that all the shopping carts were in the parking lot and going back out there to fetch one. I'm sure my fat cells appreciated the extra steps I took. Got groceries.

And then I was tired. But of course there must be food put away and what's for supper(????) and in two hours there's an AHG meeting to go to....so I made supper early and sat down. And here I am. I baked a low carb strawberry cake (with coconut flour and strawberry puree and erythritol) and made some curry and started some rice. So here I sit. Aching all over and very very tired. Still have AHG to do.

So I'm at the end of my energy but far from the end of my day. I need a little grace, you know, a little encouragement, a little love. 'Cause it's hard to feel the love when I'm in pain. It's hard not to just be pissy and grumpy and depressed when I ache all over. But I try. "So, just one verse, Lord." I asked, as I reached for my Bible.

Yes indeed...I decided to descend to the random Bible poke today. And to read it personally. (I'm trying to set aside my fifteen year old seminary-induced biblical ennui and read the Bible as a personal love letter from God to me...please don't laugh or criticize me, it's where I'm at, OK?) And here it is:

"You shall also be a crown of beauty in the Lord's hand, and the diadem of a kingdom in the hand of your God." --Isaiah 62:3

I will? Me? The achy tired frumpy woman that I am?


I'll take it!


elizabeth said…
Nice. Take it for sure. My love hugs and i love the shade of green on your blog today! :)
Tabitha said…
Hate those too busy days, today is one for me. So why am I here? Just a little sanity I guess. Anyway, oh my word! That suit price is awesome. I've seen boy's dress slacks alone sell for more than that. I just can't believe the deal, what a blessing. I paid almost that much for a sports jacket, dress slacks and a shirt that I bought at separate consignment sales. Now if I can just come up with a shrug for my daughter's spring/summer church dresses (none of which have sleeves-argh), then we will be set for Pascha. Blessings to you and yours this Holy Week.
Alana said…

check the adult sections of the thrift stores. A size small will suit her at this point.
thegeekywife said…
very nice verse.

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