Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Home School Planning

Home school curriculum decisions have been made for next year. Yay for me. I'm finally, this year, getting the hang of this home school business. Am I very good at it? No, I don't think so. But I am confident that my kids are learning well, and learning what they are supposed to.

Somebody is tracking weather data, another is doing a plant growing experiment, and yesterday's dinner conversation went like this:

"What's the fart gas?"
"Methane, isn't it?"
"Yes! Did you know that there's lots of methane on Uranus? Ha ha ha ha ha."

We are finally to the point where we are re-using some of the more expensive items that we've purchased in the past years (Such as Teaching Textbooks. Worth every penny. But we are also still buying some big ticket items, too. It balances out.

Things I'm excited about: Teaching Textbooks, One Year Adventure Novel, and Tell Me More German. And Apologia Science stuff (Zoology, 7th grade General Science, and Chemistry to be purchased. Biology we already have.) Things I'll try: Switched On Schoolhouse 9th grade English and 9th grade History and SOS language arts for the middle schoolers. Things I'm gonna go with to finish what we started: All American History Volume 2. (I'm using this for my middle schoolers. It's OK, but could use more zest).

For good low prices, I like to order as much as I can from www.pennywiselearning.com

Nothing quite like crisp new curriculum. But meanwhile, we get to continue slogging through this year's stuff. Fuuuuun.


erin said...

yay for it all.
we just purchased some books for our homeschool preparations. it sure can be overwhelming.

elizabeth said...

that's great; sounds like they are learning!

Veiled Glory said...

Apologia! I was trying to think of it when chatting with another homeschool mom and the name escaped me.