How to thaw frozen pre-cooked shrimp:

Open bag
dump in big bowl.
Run hot water over it. Let it sit for a few minutes. Drain, and repeat maybe once. The shrimp thaws very quickly.

If you are making a stir fry, de-tail them and add them at the very end. (For years I ate rubbery shrimp added too soon until I figured out what to do.)

Or, serve the shrimp with ketchup and mustard to dip in. Tastes REMARKABLY like hotdogs.

If you are eating bread (like most of the known universe), stuff those puppies into a hot dog bun, add some mustard, ketchup, relish, veg. chili and onions and enjoy the fact that hot dogs and shrimp are both sort of bland and non-descript and can apparently be interchanged with ease.


thegeekywife said…
Intriguing: shrimp dogs!

We abhor shellfish at our house, but I've got a vegetarian-but-eats-seafood friend who might be interested in this.

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