We are going to Church today! Yaaaaaay! Various ones of us have been sick the past week plus and it's really put a dent in our Church attendance. We did make it to Vespers last night, and fatigue hit me about half way though. Like SLAMMED me. But I kept standing there, trying to pray. I kept telling myself that if the lady with the hip replacement surgary six weeks ago could stand there, then so could I. I found myself focusing on the middle distance between myself and the holy icons, looking at nothing much of the time. When I realized I was zoned out I tried to pull myself together and FOCUS. It was a battle. But I was there, and happy to be there.

And on another happy note: I found another family dinner that we ALL enjoyed: Sloppy Joes. I had to make the sauce from familiar ingredients in order for Bethany to be able to eat it (I used our normal sugar free organic pasta sauce that I buy at Whole Foods) and I sweetened it with a bit of honey to give that "sloppy joe sauce" flavor. In order to get Eric to eat it I explained that the ingredients were already things he eats, and I sauteed onions and served them on the side so they wouldn't "contaminate" the sauce. I would have sauteed green peppers too, but it turns out we didn't have any in the freezer. So, side salad it was. In order to make Bethany's meal GAPS legal, she made some almond flour muffins earlier in the afternoon to use as her buns.

I was so happy that everyone was eating the SAME FOOD! (OK, I'll admit it, Ariana had to haul some leftover pasta out of the fridge because the pipsqueak doesn't eat bread-or at least not the sprouted grain buns that I buy, but she did have the sauce and liked it. As much as it seems like I cater to pickiness, unless you have a diagnosed condition such as autism or worse to "cause" your pickiness, you are ON YOUR OWN---and even Eric is on his own much of the time WITH his food aversion issues. He has some standard "do it himself" dinners that he can whip out if he won't. touch. what. I. fixed. Such will be the case in a few days when I make Tuna Pot Pie with the croissant roll dough that did not get baked at Christmas. Ha!

Did I mention that I set up a card file system for domestic busyness and bliss? I did! It's based on a book I read ages ago that my mother-in-law had called Sidetracked Home Executives. Total seventies goodness, there. And if you follow the link, I know the slob sisters (so they call themselves) have lots going on via the internet these days, but I always tend to like their old card file box system the best. That way, I'm not e-mail dependent (anyone ever do Flylady?) and don't get distracted from my daily tasks by the lure of the computer.

Perhaps I should do a post on how to set up a card file system for domestic busyness and bliss. So all my avid readers can share in my newly resurrected tidyness. Because I tell you this: This system WILL keep you a clean house. And you WILL be organized. It does take a wee bit of "get off your butt and got do this", but over all, less time than one would think.

So, follow-up post on that coming up.

Oh, and one more thing: I LOVE it when people who read this blog leave comments, because that way I can go and enjoy reading YOUR blog. I do that, you know. Its part of the fun of blogging. So, NOW is the time to de-lurk and leave a note, mention that you read here and invite me to check out your blog. Thank you, Rin and Irina!

Be blessed, everyone.


Anonymous said…
I read! And I'm definitely interested in getting more organized. So, I'll be paying attention my dear.

So glad you are out and about.
BelleArtMom said…
Hi, I am reading, too. Just restarted my old blog, www.belleartmom.typepad.com. Re-focusing on Orthodoxy and homeschooling and lots of little dreams like the freestyle knitting/crocheting class I start next week. Ever seen work by Prudence Mapstone? (She's Australian) That is my goal.
Monica said…
Hi Alana,

I'm glad you found a new recipe. I've been thinking about what favorite recipe of our family's that I could send, but never settled on one, since I know you have many varied food issues that my idea probably wouldn't meet. LOL

Glad you're feeling better, too.

Hezra said…
um, yes I am a reader... and I just posted about my new years aspirations. I have GOT to get our home figured out. 5 kids and a hubby keep me distracted. homeschooling too. ugh. I feel like I am tossed in the waves most of the time....
Ruth said…
Still reading here!

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