Starting a New Decade of Life

I turned 40 yesterday.

I have high hopes that this coming decade will be better for me than my thirties. I dunno. I've heard from so many women that one's forties are GREAT, while one's thirties pretty much bite.

That was my experiene, so I'm hoping, hoping, hoping that the 40's will be better.

Perhaps one of the reasons they will be better, is that I've learned a thing or two, and I'm actually starting to apply these learned things. As with any type of growth, it's indiscernable when viewed up close, day to day, but over the long haul the changes will be evident, I hope.

-I have finally figured out that I am the grown up. And no one is going to wave a magic wand and make me better. I have to take care of myself: physically, spiritually, emotionally, intellectually-all of it, lest I completely go to seed or unravel, or whatever will happen. Self-neglect would be sinning against those around me and against myself, and that won't do.

-I have learned that I can't let my spiritual life drift. It takes constant vigilance and work. Until the day I die I will be working at this process, by God's grace. I have not arrived at anything. I am a work in progress.

-I have finally figured out that it is OK for me to just be me and not to try and fit into a mold or into other people's expectations of me.

-I have evidence that plenty of people love me and appreciate me.

-This is the decade when my kids are going to be grown up and launched. God have mercy and help me with this task and these upcoming transitions!

So, in a nutshell, I'm looking forward to being in my 40's and I have high hopes that I will continue to grow, and be a better and better person, by the grace of God.


Anonymous said…
Happy birthday! Many many years! :D

x M.
Anonymous said…
Happy Birthday, my friend. Sounds like you'll wear 40 very well. God grant you many, many years.
Hezra said…
yay for you! Yay for 40 and Great aspirations!
Marfa said…
Happy birthday! You're only as old as you feel...watched an awesome bit on PBS last night about seniors who are singing...traveling the world....I want to do that when I'm their age!
Victoria said…
Happy birthday! I hope you enjoyed the day thoroughly and will go on to enjoy the decade equally.

(Especially cause I'm right behind you...)
elizabeth said…
Many years!!! Really liked what you learned. Yes, you are loved.
Ο ΓΡΑΦΩΝ said…
It's my first time to write herebut i've been reading for some time now.

Happy birthday, may saint Anthony the Great guide you, it's such a blessing that you were born on his feast day. The most amazing example concerning ascetic effort and struggling to finish "a work in progress" and make it perfect, as God has designed it to be!
Many happy returns of such a blessed birthday!
Tabitha said…
Welcome back! I was thinking of you yesterday. So glad to hear your expanded thoughts on 40! I still can't quite wrap my head around it. I guess its a good thing its not quite my turn yet. God bless you and grant you many years.
Mimi said…
Happy Happy Birthday, dearest! You are my role model, and you will rock the 40s!
thegeekywife said…
Happy Birthday, Alana-Juliana!

New beginnings are always such fun. :)

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