Sunday, January 24, 2010

Current/Recent Reads

Orthodoxy and the Religion of the Future by Fr. Seraphim Rose. Controversial, yes, I know. One of my kids picked this up at the Church library and I snagged it and told her I had to read it first. She was interested in what the book says about UFO's. Ok, I said, I'll read it and tell you. My daughter is VERY impressionable and easily frightened/freaked out. So I read this, we had a discussion about broad concepts and I told her she couldn't read it this book yet. Our discussion seemed to satisfy her, though. Interesting stuff.

My Jihad by A. Collins. An American Muhjehadin (sp?) who went to fight in Chechneya and Kosovo and eventually did a stint working for the FBI/CIA as in informant. Interesting. A look into someone's life that I would never encounter in the course of my own life. Can't say that any of this man's life choices would be on the team I'm trying to bat for, but it was an interesting read.

Wild Trees, by Richard Preston. I love Richard Preston's writing. My brother loaned me this book. Very enjoyable and a glimpse into a world hitherto unknown to me: A world of tree nerds and the giant redwoods they climb. I like Richard Preston as an author and I hope he writes more books. I need to pick up The Cobra Event from the library. It's fiction.

One Flew Over the Onion Dome, by Fr. Joseph Honeycutt of Orthodixie fame. I just started this today. I friend from Church loaned it to me. Enjoyable, quick and easy. Perhaps I'll get some more pages in before bed. Seems to be an astute analysis of the whole "Americans converting to Orthodox Christianity" phenomenon.


gemma said...

Love your new picture. Thanks for reviewing the books. Helps to sort through the reading list.

Amber said...

I just picked up 'One Flew Over the Onion Dome' but I haven't had a chance to read it yet. I've enjoyed Fr. Huneycutt's blog which is why I got it.

There's something about UFO's in a book on Orthodoxy?

Fascinating. *does Spock eyebrow*

Victoria said...

I happened to read *Cobra Event* (picked it up from the book cart at a hospital one time). It's not even mind candy, more like mind Cheetos. Enjoy. ;-)

You might like *Hot Zone* and *The Demon in the Freezer*.

Agree with Amber: UFOs and Orthodoxy? Hmmm.

Alana said...

I loved Hot Zone. That's what got me going with Richard Preston. I'll look for that other book. Thanks.

Veiled Glory said...

Dendrites, the original Tree Nerds. ;-)

james said...

I have read that book and agree that the child isn't ready. However, I remember getting chastised by folks at St. Athanasius for ever reading ANYTHING by Fr. Seraphim Rose.

Victoria, Fr. Seraphim says that UFO accounts are basically demonic deception.

Alana said...

He he James. I know. I'm SO BAD!;-) Nothing that wigged me out or that I couldn't handle. Don't quite know what the big deal is/was.