Monday, January 04, 2010


As promised below, here's the list of my chores. Now, bear in mind that a) I might have glaring gaps because I'm just starting, b) I live in a 1550 square foot ground floor apartment, in part so that I'll have fewer chores and so that there's no yard work or roof repairs in our life (schizophrenia, autism and fibromyalgia is quite enough, thankyouverymuch!) and c) THIS SYSTEM IS NOT MY ORIGINAL IDEA. I'm just implementing the advice from the book Sidetracked Home Executives: From Pig-Pen to Paradise.

So, without further ado, in the order they appear in my box:

-Read your Bible-daily
-Evening Routine: Prayers, tidy kitchen, sweep kitchen floor, rotate diesh, put stuff away off kitchen counter, tidy Living room/Dining Room-daily
-Spray and wipe toilets-daily
-Living Room Tidy/Declutter-daily
-15 minurwa tidy/declutter master bedroom-daily (include vacum and dust when ready)
-kids spend 15 minutes tidying rooms-daily
-Morning Routine: Prayers, tidy kitchen, start laundry-daily
-Exercise: Daily
-Magic sponge bathroom singks and tidy bathroom countertops-daily
-Wipe down front of stove-weekly
-Spend 15 minutes decluttering computer desk-weekly
-dust all over for cobwebs with feather duster-weekly
-vacuum and mop bathroom floors and dusty areas in bathroom-weekly
-spray mirrors and wipe down-weekly
-dust/wipe all miniblinds-monthly (we have three, so not a big chore)-monthly
-vacuum dining room-every other day
-straighten books on master bedroom shelves-weekly
-straighten books on Living Room shelvfes-weekly
-vacuum hallway-weekly
-scrub toilets on both bathrooms-weekly
-wipe down cabinet fronts-weekly
-plan meals for next week and make shopping list-weekly
-tidy/declutter kitchen shelves (we have some open shelves in our kitchen, I'm not talking about all the cabinets)-weekly
-put clean hand towels in bathroom-weekly
-check walls in bathroom and wipe down as needed-weekly
-check walls in dining room and wipe as needed-weekly
-featherdust living room-weekly
-mop bathroom floor-weekly
-take out bathroom trashes-weekly
-clean sheets on kids beds-weekly
-clean sheets on master bedroom bed-weekly
-pick up milk from farmer (regular appointments can be made into cards, too)
-wipe down washer and dryer-weekly
-mop kitchen floor-weekly
-clean out microwave-weekly
-take trash bag out to car-weekly
-magic sponge front of entryway closet and entryway walls as necessary-monthly
-vinegar and baking soda drains (we have six-weekly
-magic sponge/dust front of furnace closet/air intake vent-monthly
-magic sponge hallway baseboards (and walls as needed)-monthly
-magic sponge baseboards in dining room-monthly
-dust ceiling fan (we have one)-monthly
-pledge dust wooden furniture-monthly
-clean refridgerator-monthly
-tidy coat closet (not more than 15 minutes)-monthly

OK, that's what I've got so far. I can already see some gaps like wiping above the door frames and cleaning off switch plates, wiping down fronts of closets in bedrooms (all our closets throughout the apartment are folding doors with a "shutter" design, so there's all these little slanted surfaces to collect dust), washing curtains and I'll make those cards later. They seem like seasonal chores to me.

Another tag that could be added onto a card is whether it's a job that can be given to a kid. Bwahahahaha. Most of them are.

I've done all my cards today, except for evening routine and Bible Reading, and I've gone to Curves to work out, gotten my hair cut and colored my hair here at home, so I've gotten lots done and the afternoon is still before me to enjoy.

And, while I was puttering in my bedroom (tidying) I found an old recipe box that had a treasure trove of meal cards from years ago. I've done this thing before, you know. So now we are excited to be having beef stroganoff for dinner!


elizabeth said...

I always enjoy your blog. best wishes and love!

Charis said...

Ooo Ooo Oooo!

check her out. She's all about the SHE's too.

Alana said...

Sorry Charis, I mentioned flylady in the long video that I made. I'm a flylady dropout. Her e-mails annoy me although I did pick up a good concept or two from her. Too much guilt. At least with my card file system its MY card file system that I made myself for my space and my life following my routines, as opposed to someone else telling me what to do.

Victoria said...

It is amazing what you accomplish in a day when its all listed out like that!! Wow!

Alana said...

Oh, goodness! I don't do all that in one day. all those are spread out throughout the month.

Anonymous said...


Victoria said...

Oh no, I know they are spread through the month. It's STILL a lot for a day!