More uses for Lego

So, yesterday in a stroke of home school teacher genius, I suggested to B that if she was having trouble memorizing the process for somethingorother molecular process on a cellular level (hey, she's the one taking the class...I'm just supervising) that perhaps she should walk through the steps with various lego pieces representing the various hydrogen, carbon, etc. molecules involved.

She did, and was able to memorize the process.


I think it would be nice to have a real kit, though.


elizabeth said…
what a great idea! glad to hear it worked!
Hezra said…
you are a genius. and you just made me feel like an idiot. my kids only PLAY with the darn things! lol
Joi said…
I love it. Did you ever take Chem with Mrs Turner? This made me think of how she would throw wooden molecule at students that fell asleep in class.

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