Lesson Learned the Hard Way

I did an experiment in 2009. I had for my new year's resolution that I would NOT diet. The idea was I'd learn to eat the right amount of food for my body, be lovely and self-controlled and come to a new and mature place of balance.

Result: FAIL!

I gained 30 pounds this past year. Yay, me! (I know EXACTLY how I did it...yum! Late night nachos, too much red winea nd way way too many cookies. You know, the big ones from Panera. Starbucks: also a problem. You get the idea.)

And yes, I went to the endocrinologist to get all those nice happy tests done that would prove that none of the weight gain was really my fault.

Result: All tests normal. So, not thyroid, not bad hormones. Just too much food.

So, I guess I know what my new year's resolution is going to be for 2010 and it's NOT going to be NOT dieting. He he he.


Anonymous said…
Well, Lent is REALLY early in 2010, so I'm telling myslf I'm perfectly justified in feasting (read: eating) for the whole 12 days of Christmas.... :P

I guess the solution is to find a happy medium between dieting and gorging... You don't want to be on a permanent Diet - that'll just make you miserable.

Happy Christmas! Christ is born :D

x M.
elizabeth said…
We all have different struggles - my love and prayers as we journey towards 2010.

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