Deep Thought Remains Elusive as 2009 Wanes.

I went grocery shopping today and was fairly well exhausted from it. I'm clearly still recouperating from bronchitis...or perhaps I'm just still a bit sick from it. The cough is still happening, that's for sure.

But I managed to get the groceries bought and I managed to make dinner-roasted chicken, carrots, greenbeans, and (shhhhh) some stovetop stuffing. And homemade cranberry sauce left over from Christmas dinner last week.

It was good.

I didn't over-eat.

I HAVE to lose significant amounts of weight in 2010. Might as well get a few days jump on the process. I hope this blog doesn't de-evolve into a weight loss journal. Because those are boring. But this blog's been pretty boring lately, anyways.

I remember when I used to write things theological, things significant, things thoughtful and perhaps even things profound. 2009 has seen lots of the mundane, some doses of despair and depression...not much insight or profundity.

One would think that getting older my thoughts would become more scintillating and worth having/sharing, and I'm sure they would be if I could actually figure out what they are.

But alas, deep thought remains elusive.

Happy New Year!


Irina said…
Happy new year, Alana!

it took me some guts to leave a comment here. i`ve been reading your blog for quite a while now and i enjoy it a lot. probably because i read about things that i`m going through also, or simply because i enjoy what you write. and i don`t find it boring at all ;).

i`ll keep coming to this place and to the other-free to cover. and you know why? becuased is refreshing for us orthodox christians in Romania (us,who we have been orthodox christians for over 2000 years now-Saint Apostle Andrew started preaching here in Dobrogea, and for some of us this is simply a dusty memory of our history, not a blessing from God as we should see it), to see how someone percieve orthodox christianity as something new, given, as a gift!

anyway...i try to keep this comment short, maybe if you like we can write ourselves through emails, some day. now i just wanted to let you know that a young orthodox christian girl from Romania reads you.

thank you Alana for your struggle and may God have mercy upon us!


Joi said…
What you have to say is very important. I love reading your blogs because they are a part of you. What we may think is boring, may spark a need in someone else.
As far as weight loss goes, I am with you in that. I am starting in February. Weight Watchers here I come (for the third time).
Keep up the great blogs. Hugs to you and your family.
Has said…
The only way for me to not over-eat is the new rule my husband laid down for me. I am not allowed to eat more than him.
mamajuliana said…
I de-volved and started a separate weightloss blog...I have two now...with nothing really profound to say on either much of the time!

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