Crawling out from beneath my rock... anyone still out there? Am I alive? It has been years since I've been this sick. Oy!

Cough, cough!

Christmas was a blur. I missed Church, of course, and then just sat on a chair in the living room wrapped in a blanket while Christmas joy happened around me. I blurrily remember us unwrapping presents. I sort of recall helping Wes to put the Goose in the oven.

After that we played Quelf, and I think I was on some cold medication because it was a blur. I barely remember the inedible Goose. I decided that I don't like goose. It's not good enough for the price I paid for him. I'd rather have a succulent deli chicken than that hard bone dry desscated piece of bird. Impressively ginourmous wings, though. Like turkey on bad steroids...all dark meat, even the dry bits. I don't think we cooked it right.

Yesterday...was that the day after Christmas? I barely came up for air. Spent the day in bed, haking my lungs out, and zonked on cold meds. All the muscles in my torso are SORE from coughing. Wes made goose soup. It seems like it took him hours to remove that stubborn meat from those stubborn bones. I ate half a bowl. Not much appetite.

Today...just a wee bit better. Enough so, to hope that I'm on the mend.

Did Christmas happen? I feel like I missed it. But we are finally eating that frozen lasagna that I bought, that I theoretically know would be good if only I could taste it. The only thing I CAN taste are Ricola lozenges, and those have long since lost their "herbal goodness" luster.


Anonymous said…
Boo! Hope you feel better soon. Take this opportunity to get some well-earned zonk time.

Christ is born!

x M.
Hezra said…
here too! It takes approximately 4 weeks to get 7 people throught the cold or whatever this stuff is! UGH! I too feel a little like Christmas went by in a Nyquil haze. Hope you get better fast. and hoping I do too.
elizabeth said…
keep resting and I pray you feel better soon!
Anonymous said…
Rest up! Praying for you.
Christ Is Born!
gemma said…
So sorry you feel so terrible. Hope you feel better soon. Hoping for a healthy New Year for you and yours.

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