Something Pretty

Wes and I were cruising around Bed, Beth and Beyond this evening on our Sunday night date. We needed a roasting pan for the ginormous Turkey we bought, and also some pan scrapers. After we found our needed items, it was fun to look around.

I, of course, wandered into the fine China section, having had no success in convincing my husband of almost 18 years to pretend that we are engaged and picking out china. Oh well, I said to myself. I guess I'll look at the fine china myself.

I looked. I liked. Several I liked, but then I saw some I liked even more. Waterford. Of course. Then I noticed the name.
It's Alana Waterford China. And it was my favorite out of all of the ones I saw. Isn't that strange, and neat? Sigh. Maybe in heaven I'll have something similar. Or better.


maria said…
If I ever win the lottery, I am so buying this for you.
Alana said…
thanks, Maria!
elizabeth said…
Oooo, how very pretty. Dishes are so lovely. happy sigh.

I just packed my beloved blue and white dishe that everyone loves and that I got (it is an incomplete set) for 5 bucks US at a garage sale... I admit to praying that they arrive safely in my new apartment... :)
elizabeth said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Mimi said…
That's so cool!
Marfa said…
I agree with's lovely. How cool that it is called Alana!!!

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