Monday, November 16, 2009

One Week Left

I've only got one week left on my brown dress experiment. I need to sit down with myself and ferret out all the goodies I've learned about myself during this process. There has been some self discovery, or at least some clarity. Folks, I have me some ISSUES. Ha! like you all didn't already know that.

Will I be glad when it's over? Yes. Will I still wear my brown dresses often? Oh, yes! Will I go through my wardrobe ruthlessly and cull? Definitely.

Mostly, I'll be very glad to wear something dressier to Church again. I feel dressed down and too comfy there. Like I'm wearing sweat pants to Church. That's how cozy the brown dresses are. I understand the concept of "Sunday best" now, like never before.

I'll blog more about it later.


EccentricTerri said...

It is very interesting that you that you feel different about Sundays. I have read that in simpler times people wore the same clothes or types of clothes Monday thru Saturday then had their Sunday best.

I love your experiment. It has inspired me to pair down my clothes too. I have much less than most people that I know but still find that is more than I truly need.

gemma said...

I can't believe there's only a week left. Time doesn't just fly, it zooms. Sunday best is a long buried treasure. I had a discussion just last week about dress "codes" or such. We always wore dresses or skirts to school and those were our school clothes. We came home and changed to go out a play. Then on Sunday or holidays we had the best clothes. Kids really don't have that today. We never had a lot of any of those changes and there was no such thing as "designer" anything for kids so the money factor wasn't as it is today. I do I recall our behaviour changing when the clothes did. We sat up straighter in our schoold clothes and straighter still in those Sunday best outfits.