I did too much...

and still more to do! Aaaaaaggggghhhhh!

Turkey pick up from our farmer early this morning. Had to stand in line at the Farmer's market. Meant I was slightly late for Church.

Rush home, get girls, put Turkey in freezer, off the Church.

After Church, give friend ride and she wants dunkin' donuts. mmmmm. Good idea. So we get some dunkin'. Home again. Eat said donuts.

Then it's time to make a to-do list, have discussion about holiday cooking with mother on phone, make more lists, etc.

Run off to store to get some supplies. Brave dreaded mall traffic to get a bottle of ear lobe cleanser at Claire's. Meh.

Know you are tired but it's time to dig really really deep and do stuff anyways: Time to start cooking for the holidays: I have to bring GAPS stuff so my daughter can eat while we are with relatives. Knowing the menu in advance, I'm cooking GAPS versions of the things that my mom and SIL will be making: GAPS chicken curry into crock pot. GAPS meat loaf made and into oven. Bake two pumpkins. Make a meal for a sick person. Puree pulp. Make GAPS pie crust and turn pumpkin into GAPS pie filling. Bake a pie. Make regular pie crust dough. Oh, no! Out of time. Have to run an errand to sick person's house. Set aside pie crust dough for tomorrow and put pie filling into refrigerator.

Run errand . Return just in time to whisk kids into car for Vespers. Give hypoglycemic kid who has spent entire day on nothing but donuts and the computer two pieces of cheese.

After Vespers...so very tired. Been cooking all day. Have very messy kitchen and no energy. Chinese takeout! Go to nearest Chinese place and learn they are cash only. Drive to another Chinese place and order shrimp Lo-mein. Pay too much money for too much food. (Leftovers!)

Drive home. Eat. Blog.

Now I just need to:

Finish restorative glass of wine.
Convince someone to empty dishwasher (being done as I type this).
Load dishwasher.
Put GAPS Meatloaf in freezer.
Put GAPS pie in freezer.
Remove GAPS chicken curry from crock pot and divide into conatiners and put that int he freezer.
Put laundry from washer into dryer. No wait! Tell other teenager to do that.

Tuck kids into bed.

Collapse into heap.

Yeah. I did too much.


Blessed Rain said…
mmmmmm Chinese!!!
your list sounds like my list lots to do and little time to do it.
gemma said…
Wow Lady! Your day has to be more that 24 hours long. How did you do all of that? Put your feet up for a minute or hundred.
elizabeth said…
Yeah... lots to do for sure...

glad you were able to delegate a bit of it; this is a good thing to do!
Anonymous said…
You wonderful lady! All power to ya :)

x M.

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