Sunday, November 01, 2009

The Brown Dress at Church

Since I was sick last week, this was my first Sunday in the Brown Dress. Now, at my old parish, I would have fit right in. It's a "poorer" parish where we ladies would regularly brag to each other about our thrift store finds.

At St. Michael's, only a tiny subset of people might shop at the thrift store. Most folks are dressed to the nines in whatever the latest fashion is.

And I was in my brown dress.

I did make an effort and wore some knee highs, some nice shoes and a pretty head scarf...with the brown dress.

I think I might have had one or two fleeting thoughts about not looking so dressed up as others, but then I quickly got over it and was fine, comfortable and OK. The dress is not that casual, being a stretch knit courduroy/velour type of fabric. And it fits me well.

And so I was able to concentrate on singing the liturgy this morning and that was fine.

Yesterday I spent the day at Church listening to talks on various topics by Mother Macrina from Dormitian of the Theotokos Monastery. That was very good. I wondered if anyone would notice I had on a brown dress two days in a row, but nobody cares about what other people are wearing. People just care about their own bodies, really.

Mother Macrina gave the homily this morning and it was about the Rich Man and Lazarus, and how we ought to concern ourselves with the Heavenly Kingdom. I have much to pray about.

On that note, I'm going to withdraw to my's late.


elizabeth said...

sounds like a really good talk.

I have much to learn too.

EccentricTerri said...

The simplicity of one dress sounds perfect. I ordered two dresses in the same simple design. I received them just a few days ago. It has been relaxing to not have to think about what I am going to wear. Thank you for such a great idea that has help simplify my life just a bit more.